Furnace Oil

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Fuel oil is a fraction obtained from distilation of crude oils(fraction other than gasoline & naptha),either as a distillate or a residue, Broadly speaking, fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or boiler for the generation of heat or used in an engine for the generation of power.

Used as an industrial fuel,furnace oil(F.O.) is a dark viscous residual fuel and is traded in many varieties based on its specification of viscosity and sulphur percentage.while l.d.o.falls under class c category fuel & is a blend of distillate components and a small amount of residual components.

Parameters Unit Furnace Oil
Sp Gracity @15 o C 0.92 to 0.94 0.92 to 0.94 0.95 to 0.97
Sediment Wt % 0.05 0.05 0.09
Pour Point C 0 0 0
Moisture Vol % 0.2 0.3 0.5
Flash Point C >60 >60 >60
Viscosity cST@50o 160 to 170 160 to 170 160 to 175
Calorific Value Kcal/kg 10500 10500 >10200